John Colman slain- Henry Hudson, 1609

Another post from Henry Hudson’s 1609 expedition. This is a rare examples of bowmen defeating musketeers. The natives outnumbered Hudson’s crew twenty-six to five. Firearms were frequently enough of an advantage to overcome such odds, but in this case rain disabled them.

The sixth [day], in the morning was faire weather, and our Master sent John Colman, with foure other men in our Boate over to the North-side, to sound the other River, being foure leagues from us…. So they went in two leagues and saw an open Sea, and returned ; and as they came backe, they were set upon by two Canoes, the one having twelve, the other fourteene men. The night came on, and it began to rayne, so that their Match went out [thus disabling their matchlock muskets]; and they had one man slaine in the fight, which was an English-man, named John Colman, with an Arrow shot into his throat, and two more hurt. It grew so darke that they could not find the ship that night, but labored too and fro on their Oares. They had so great a streame, that their grapnell would not hold them.

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