The Amazons of Cartagena – Antonio de Hererra, 1601

From the chronicles of the Spanish historian Antonio de Hererra, a passage describing “Amazonian women” who fought with poisoned arrows and one who slew eight Spaniards with her bow.

The first that saw Carthagena, in the year 1502. was Roderick Bastidas, & the year 1504. Juan de la Cosa or John of the Thing went a shore, and found Lewes Guerra, and they were the first that began the warre with the Indians, which were proud and bould, and both men and women fought, with venomed arrows… The year 1532. went Don Pedro of Eredia born in Madrid, and inhabited it, and pacified a great part of the Countrie, though with labour and cunning, because the people were very warlike, and there was a woman that before they could take her, being about eighteene yeeres old, slew with her Bow eight Spaniards.

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